Natural is Beautiful

We equally care about you and the quality of ingredients we put in our products. We are a line of cruelty-free and natural products that will help you look your natural best without complicated routines or harsh elements.

Inclusive skin products for everyone

Our inclusive line of products covers different skin tones to help customers find the perfect formula for themselves regardless of their sensitivity, oily, dry, cool, or warm tone. We also offer a full range of undertones from fair to deep makeup, making it easy to find the right shade for your skin tone and the formula for sensitive or oily skin. Our makeup was designed to look naturally beautiful on various skin tones. Our formulas take this idea beyond foundation, offering a full range of shades and blush that match a spectrum of skin tones while providing all-day-long coverage with a natural finish. This inclusive range of products offers everything you need to create an all-day look. Perfect for work or an evening out, the collection is made with lightweight formulas that feel comfortable and can be layered with additional products.


Our partnership and collaboration with DR.HC Cosmetics Lab is a boutique "Made in Silicon Valley" manufactured and founded by Dr. Catherine in the Bay area, California, United States—a renowned cosmetic scientist who has been working for years on developing skincare and cosmetics. At DR.HC Cosmetic Lab, they have dedicated years to designing and creating Healthy, Scientifically Effective, Eco-Friendsly, and Unique Organic, Natural, and Vegan cosmetics and personal care products. Rio Designs LLC, Rio Bela Cosmetics, we are fortunate to partner with DR. HC Cosmetic Lab with a wide range of safe and high-quality products, including skincare and makeup. In addition, we have special sections for all kinds of skin types for men and women.

FDA Discloser

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Christine Feldmann, CEO | President

Being medically and environmentally conscious is an inherent characteristic of her leadership model.